Terms & Conditions

Our terms are straightforward , plz read this before you make your request to evade any misconception

  1. We ask for your patience during system outages: Please don’t worry if your services with us are affected by a service disruption or outage. We will happily add the amount of downtime to end of your plan, at no charge, ensuring you get the full amount of service for which you paid.
  1. Your profile MUST be public: We promise we will not ask you for your personal passwords. However, we do require that your profile is always set to public. This way we can provide you with the services you purchased. This point is non-negotiable.
  1. Transfer time is short: Your Facebook Automatic Likes will automatically “appear” within ten minutes to an hour after you purchase your desired services.
  1. New Posts Only: Your Facebook Automatic Likes, followers & other services will only be applied to those posts made after the purchase has been made. We will not post-date our services.
  1. Facebook Issues: Often, services for social media platforms are slower to post, etc. This issue is on their end, not ours, so please be patient and understanding.
  1. Cancellations: If you need to cancel your subscription for any reason, please do so through PayPal. Simply click on the recurring payments tab and select cancel.

7. Refunds: Refunds are available only for major